Buying coins through amazon


Has anyone had issues buying coins and not received them? Bought a pack in-game, didn’t receive it then bought 30 day pass same thing. ‘Support’ looking into it. Just want to know if it’s just me or affecting others.


How do you purchase coins through amazon? When I click 30-day pass it gives me these options: Add credit card or debit card, Use T-Mobile - US billing, Add PayPal, Redeem Code. Pay with Cash: prepaid google play gift card from Walmart, 7 Eleven, Walgreens.

Keep an eye on your account and see if they take the money out, if they do and you still have not received your coins then contact them by postal mail, phone, email, or any other way you can until your issue is resolved and let them get a piece of your mind. If they ignore all venues of contact and do not reply back to you, hire a lawyer and sue their ass in small claims court. I am sorry you are having this problem, but I am not much help, just trying to empathize with you.

I would be upset with this just as well. I just hope that support doesn’t give you some bullcrap line about purchasing another pack or something small to help assist them further in clearing this up. I read other threads where support gave them issues that they wanted to see receipts and wanted them to make another purchase etc.


You have to download Amazon app and install the game through them. Yea at first they said it was credited and I told them no it wasn’t so they said they will investigate further. I have given the receipts so they can’t tell me no bs.


I downloaded the game through google play store, didn’t know you could download it through Amazon app. I hope they do everything they can to resolve it and give you some kind of compensation for the inconvenience.


Yea it’s only really beneficial if yr UK tho so if yr not not much point loool and thanks😊


Did u download the game through the amazon app and link your account with facebook after? Also I would make sure it’s linked to your main facebook be4 downloading it and also heard you may need to uninstall it before downloading it with Amazon. You have to play through the games tutorial before you can choose options to do all your linking.(bit of a pain)


I use the Amazon app all the time. You can stack discounts that way. I don’t buy any other way T and I am in the US. And I have never had an issue-I always get what I paid for immediately.


Must just b me then😂


This happened to me before but through Google play. I never got coins and had to go through them to get a refund as Scopely wasn’t helping me. I’d send a ticket to support first and see what they say and if they don’t help you go through Amazon.


Yea I has to go thru Amazon gona take like a week😑 plus they said I can’t use the app after my refund🤔


The tell you that when you get a refund from Apple or Google as well and it never happens. I have no experience with Amazon so Idk about them. Good luck though.