Buying characters


I just spend some cash in the game to get a few new characters, hoped to get at least one when I used 2200 coins. But all a got was 4* characters . That can’t be possible? When you use real money, you have to get something worth that. I am very disappointed of that. Does many others got the same problem? And what can you do about it?


The premier recruit wheel has a 93% chance at 4* characters. 5* chance at 5* non ascendable, 1% chance of a 5* ascendable and 1% chance at a 6*.

In short, 2% chance of something good.


Sorry man. Just bad luck.

The odds are more than 90% chance of a 4*

My story is the same as yours, and a lot of other players too.


But that should say so somewhere, it’s not fun to be “ripped off” that way. All of us can’t afford to use a lot of money. And for once when I can, I don’t get anything good.


Bahaha, people have spent $2200 and not got a decent character. Just be pleased you learnt this lesson about the game on a relatively small purchase


It does say it, click the “?” at the top to see the odds.


Welcome to this game’s rng. You get screwed hard or barely luck out. It sucks, I know.


The best feeling is when you spend like a grand on a character , come to the forums and see a bunch of people got it cheaper


I feel for you, the odds suck and we’ve all been there. That’s one of the reasons why I no longer do pulls or spend. But they do give you the odds. Tap the (?) to find them. They’re on all wheels.


Welcome to the club!


The lack of empathy in this thread is frightening.

I done the same thing last month and got 4s as well. I feel that the least Scopley should do is remove the 4s and have only 5 and above


Yeah, even five stars are quite irrelevant these days…


but then if you do that all the people that spent before that throw fits because they spent a ton and only got 4* while people after get better


Problem is if half the pulls were for 5-stars then you wouldn’t need to fight for Benedicts. So what else would they give out for rewards? If you notice that’s all they are giving out trainer wise. Where did all the Liliths and Ulysses go?

Seriously can the rewards stink any more? Just look at the SR rewards. Pure trash.


yeah i know ive got 6* sitting on the bench because i cant get liliths anymore


No, the state of affairs which has disillusioned so much of the player base to the point they show so little empathy to those befalling the same problems is frightening


Welcome to TWD Slots: Road To Survival.


i’ve spent more for shit its a chance scopley gave the odds so stop complaining you know what your getting into


Hey man people are just frustrated is all. Why do you feel the need to defend something that hardly ever clarify’s The players request or discomfort with the game. Have you ever felt cheated by this so called company to where you wanted to vent your frustrations and you have someone like how you are defending the so called company?

It tends to lead people trolling the defender and side tracking the topic at hand.


Keep surviving…