Buy Leagues Mira?


Buy her for a melee attack team? I have Abe but thought maybe the increased health would make her better than him. Opinions?


Shed be great as a lead with some type of revive like lydia or Tyreese, then any other attack toons that you like, hell even a koa would be good
Id buy her if you can but personally i already have a melee team so im going for Ezekiel and his smg which totals out to 21k


im taking zeke nothing special about mira


i got Kelly a few days before the meseum collection opened for Glenn and then i got him in the depot for 45k, so i bought him, cuz who knows when i will get a sale in that slot. Now i am 12k short, since i shouldn`t have bought Kelly, but i can still buy her, just gotta wait a lot more


She is situational. You need to have good team idea in mind that would benefit from her skills. She is not just “replacement” for Abe, she has different role. I got her for team that is high on attack and HP already so she is adding to that nicely.


need one heavy damage dealer a support toon a command and stun remover r for a good team


Good raid teams don’t use healers because you should be killing them before the healer gets a chance to heal. Healers are for roadmaps and SR.


let me change that is should a stun cleanser too bad melee only has one that is easy to get.
i did also say maybe for a healer


im tempted to get her. My shivas, romnow and some other cards would really benefit from her. Especially as I see no use for red Zeke. He wont hold on def with all the blues around and no point using him on attack. im lacking a Mira melee leader equivalent so she may be a good choice.


I like her, also if you are active and in an active faction I think you’ll get enough tokens each season to get at least one toon from the store. So if you dont like Zeke i’d go for her


I think health is better that crit, but depends if you’re definitely going to use her


My Romanov mos def benefit from her :slight_smile: They fit. All depends on who else you use.


I am definitely going for her. Apart from that faulous leader skill, am also looking forward to that +50 attack buff to the whole team. Shes gonna lead my melee offense team for sure.
Zeke is just a really poor version of Erika and +30% HP to melee doesnt mean much. Already faced many teams with him as lead and it was really unimpressive.


I’m still learning how to use her efficiently. She is leader for very specific team so as I said earlier - it all depends on what team idea you have in mind, what toons are available there :slight_smile: I put DEF mod set on her, not best, but it was available to me atm. Would love to see other uses, ideas. She was mostly criticized as useless. Don’t let that confuse you - she isn’t, she is just … situational (I don’t have other word here). Proove me wrong or right :wink:


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