Buy all three and receive a POWERFUL weapon


So there is an offer to get yr3 tokens… anyone know what the free weapon is at the end? Probably Harlan’s gun.


Guess the offer isn’t that good if no one knows what powerful weaponnis included.


you get a weapon? I didn’t receive a weapon when buying all three


It said that if you bought all three you would get a weapon


Bought the bags haven’t received any bonus items yet…


Seems legit :shushing_face::hugs:


It probably will not show until the offer is done which is like a day from now. It is sad Scopely does crap like this. I mean why not tell us what the complete offer is… why try to screw us left and right.


I just bought my last bag. Waiting for the big offer now.


Im intrigued but don’t wanna waste nearly 2,000 coins :joy:


Does anyone have a cap of the offer? Mine says ‘Open 3 and unlock a bonus offer.’ No mention of what the bonus is.


it doesnt show what the final offer is



0.0000001% for stun and impair gun, I’m quite sure about this.


that balisong blade looks way too big to be folded up within the two handle parts!


Well… which one did you get??


Almost everyone is getting the yellow lol


I’ve seen quite a lot of stun gun and impair guns from these. I’m guessing odds really are 25% each


Mind clicking the odds button if you still have that?


it says 50% melee weapon and 50% ranged weapon


How much was it