Buy 5 offers for free 6 star


Anyone know which offers these are and what the total price is?


Hopefully a whale can reply the total price lol


Probably a crate with all 4 of those toons in em u know scopley love that RNG


It starts with Special 1 for $5. No idea what comes after. Probably $10, $25, $50, and $100 knowing Scopely


Pfff, yeah. I can easily imagine that… It’s so nasty to not share all offer prices at the same time


Oh for sure they are good ones, I love Yvette. I have ty too and I’m sure I’d get dupes though.


Yeah I’d assume 150 bucks


Second is $14.99 and third is 34.99 I stopped after second


Those are some good damn characters. But I don’t want to buy the first few only to see the next be $100


Do you have screenshots by chance?


New players only will get all the offers for $5 a piece :joy:


This wouldn’t surprise me



That’s gonna cost a lot of money for one of those toons. Hope the actual offer items get better than that


Actually, that’s a lot of trainers yo


Probably weighted towards Yvette I’d imagine


Guess you’re gonna need them lol


So at least 155 that last could be 75 or 100 though


Heard it’s $50 and $100


Well the one I want the most is Yvette, and I’ll bet it’s weighted towards her