Buy 3 unlock an offer


Bought all 3 bags messaged support the day I didn’t have the offer and throughout the weekend while the 6* wheel was still up they said they are working on it still nothing after all I get is I’m sorry it’s no longer available which is 100% false advertisement and not legal to do also never got the compensation offer either which wasn’t what it should have been judging by the pics on this forum where is my compensation for scopely failing to deliver? I am also not the only one this has happened to




Got all the screenshots and easy to get the media to investigate…remember galaxy of hero’s?


Search the forums for this. Serval threads of people banging their heads against the wall and @JB.Scopely saying it’s too late to do anything for them now


I have but can’t let this go they did me way dirtier than usual


I agree. Way dirtier than usual.

Straight rip off…
Can’t say we took a chance.

It said buy 3 and get a offer…didn’t say chance of a offer.


They won’t comment on this anymore. They will just hope it goes away like every other unethical decision they make. Take his post and contact ur carrier and credit card


Yea your right support keeps giving me the same auto response no matter what I write


Honestly have no idea what support is even there for over the course of the 3 years I’ve been playing they may have been helpful 1 time out of hundreds of issues


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