Butts Region Recruiting(04/09/2018)


Butts region has several factions of active players who have been around in the region for at least 2 years. Majority of us have decided that we want to stay because we all get along and enjoy playing together. We want to invite recruits of smaller dead regions of similar age range of region- if that is you, join our line chat for more info. https://line.me/R/ti/g/dESTkuOnAm (Updated Link)

Since transfers have been available we have had many players join,as of today,we have had 4 new factions transfer to Butts(105 players),along with other players who have came solo and joined an existing Butts faction.


Butts as a region has came 7th in both wars.Some of our factions have placed in the top 100,with others placing in the top 200.

Top 10 Faction Scores:

(Faction name/Place/Score/Wins/Losses)
First CRW:

  • Gauntlet/#8/2.55M/49W/15L
  • The Avengers/#21/1.74M/34W/9L
  • Rank 2 Faction/#27/1.60M/29W/17L
  • Walker Got My Shoe/#57/991,661/12W/26L
  • Resistance/#61/905,326/15W/12L
  • Kill Switch/#66/876,205/13W/23L
  • The Soul Takers/#89/693,224/8W/25L
  • Black Flag/#96/630,453/11W/8L
  • Rank 9 Faction #131/421,733/7W/6L
  • Viciously Relentless/#174/216,114/2W/11L

Second CRW:

  • Gauntlet/#9/2.31M/47W/12L
  • Rank 5 Faction/#19/1.64M/38W/8L
  • The Avengers/#21/1.60M/31W/12L
  • Rank 2 Faction/#22/1.59M/32W/15L
  • Walker Got My Shoe/#43/1.06M/16W/20L
  • Resistance/#53/929,450/16W/13L
  • Kill Switch/#61/822,884/13W/14L
  • Black Flag/#83/675,209/10W/15L
  • The Soul Takers/#100/590,394/7W/17L
  • Rank 9 Faction/#116/500,449/7W/14L

Reasons why you should consider joining us:

  • We share crafting territories(You call which one you want in our alliance line chat then take if nobody is waiting,if territories are dropped to walkers you can ask for help there to clear.If there are trolls who mess with those territories we hit their territories.)
  • Majority of us drop our defense during raid tournaments so others can hit milestones easier(You are not required to).
  • No drama,no hackers and no trolls,if any does pop up we shut them down pretty quickly.
  • Players in our region are friendly and willing to help any new players.

If you require any addintional info or have any other questions join our line chat,we will be happy to anwer any questions.In the albums section there are recent event scores.


The link doesn’t work bro. I tried and nothing. My bad, working now.


This is a new link https://line.me/R/ti/g/dESTkuOnAm to the Butts region chat if that one isn’t working anymore


thank you ping,very cool once again.


Joined a different region but thanks anyway.


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