Butter Collectible - 08/05

Greetings Survivors,

We wanted to clear up some confusion surrounding Butter:

  • Butter will be the collection item for next Thursday’s Premier Recruit, which will be redeemable in the museum for 4,000 Butter (5* Ascendable version) and 5,500 Butter (6* version) respectively
  • Players will be able to find Butter in Premier Recruits beginning on Monday (8/5 by 1 pm) and ending with the conclusion of next Thursday’s (8/8) Premier Recruit that will run through Thursday (8/15)


Update: Changed the time and time when the Butter will be available.

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Oh, since it’s 5550 there’s no s-class priya again? Perfect

Thank you for the update.
WHERE exactly are the Butter pieces located in Premier Recruits?
Your time listed (8/4) indicates they should be up already. But I cannot find them.
Please provide additional help.


He stated for Thursday’s premier recruit. Though yes he kinda contradicted himself.

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What does that mean?

Is there a bug already in a communication about a bug?
Do we need quality control for communication about lack of quality control?


Give GR a break. He is just a messenger. With no desire to even think bout the news he is announcing. But thats not the point.

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Yes and as I stated he contradicted himself but he did state when exactly it will be available.

delisous butters will there be a opition to eat the unspent butter
because I really want to eat the butter @GR.Scopely

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How about the gear tokens we got from lvl up 2250 gear tokens where are these for

The butter should be up already? I’m confused asf @GR.Scopely

What about the gear tokens and ffs stop to premier collections for promos it’s getting ridiculous now

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So we lost a week of progress for Ivy since we can’t use Ryan’s eggs for her. Good job scopely


Col cazzo che regalo soldi a voi bastardi

See your on the ball with replies when there’s money involved GR (keep on surviving) ps a Promo a week has killed this game, broken promise 6* will never be for sale😉


Reduce NEW promos to once a month, focus on legacy ascendables and make them available for S-class. :wink:


So pull and get the butter collectibles for an unknown unreleased item “toon” and when it goes live we can’t pull the required collectibles for it ?
Sounds like buying a fish while it’s still in the sea !

Unless this was misinterpreted by GR which in case i do strongly recommend google translate before posting crap on the forums , This doesn’t make any sense in any possible way but again it fits perfect with scopely common sense, you already ran off most of your Players with continuous incompetencies now you are making it very easy not to spend on anything or even engage at all with the game might as well shut it down already!!

Also This will be perfect grounds for refunds too thanks @GR.Scopely


So how do i claim the collection pieces for Ivy that i’ve missed out on?
The collection ends before the new recruit gets released, how are you going to comp players that missed out on the collection?


Hey @GR.Scopely just wondering why you would post about butter being in the game starting yesterday the 4th when clearly it’s jot in the game yet and it’s the 5th? Why do you and all of the scopley employees on here have to continue to do these things? Also why are you guys even in these forums to begin with? What are your main reasons your on here? Is it to ignore the players and to never be helpful and only give us lip service? If so your doing an excellent job. If not and you guys are here to help then your not doing your jobs and I would be fired if I worked the way you guys do on here. You should be embarrassed to call yourselves employees of scopley


This doesn’t address the tier 1 missions from last week.