But..so, why? Why do we do it?


Looking at my roadmap screen, everything is done completely. Dwight missions. New threat missions, famine missions. All done. And what have I got to show for it? No Dwight. Some shitty prizes from the new threat tokens. Not Dwight’s weapon. Not even enough turkeys or corn for one freaking bag. Nothing! Why in fucks name did I complete a s1+ and two s1++ Roadmaps and still got nothing to show for it? It is absolutely ridiculous. I’m a fairly new player with one, low level 6* and I have to work hard to get this done just to have Scopely slap me in the face.
It disgusts me.


Don’t you feel a sense of accomplishment now that you achieved something amazing. You’re journey is just beginning.


I know that feels bro


You have a choice to play the game.

If you don’t like it, nobody is forcing you to stay.

I remember missing plenty of good 5*s when I first joined. I just put my head down and played WITHOUT spending much at all.

You don’t need to spend to play well. But you need to put time in. And thats where a lot of people find themselves unstuck (including myself as I don’t play nearly as much as I used to!)


Stockholm Syndrome.

Simple as that.


Lol…so true.


The “event” is not over. I’m telling you that there’s a chance!


Welcome to the 6* era RTS.

To be fair some vets are struggling.

I myself am taking a new approach before rage quitting. Realized turkeys not dropping, not gonna farm it.

Realize assaults badly bugged, not gonna run it.

Realize 4* weapons drop rates have been nerfed into ground, not farming.

War cans not dropping, will war far less.

Rewards are shit from constant level up spam? Not participating.

I log in to say hi to people. That’s it. No point to it. So many other games out there on a micro transaction model that have decent offers, I stopped spending here a long time ago. I refuse to be herded to shop.

As a low spender mostly f2p, it’s no wonder New people don’t stick around longer. It’s scopely and despite protests otherwise, this game is running into the ground a day at a time. I don’t see it lasting with these design decisions.

Having flashbacks to diablo3. Lol. I’ll sit here and roast marshmallows over the flames.


this thread :joy: in the old days people would say g1t 9ud but only when they weren’t missing out. If they missed out, which a lot of people did, they will be right there with you being disgusted. I did some slacking on getting barbed wire and leather vests but still managed to get him. I also slacked a bit on getting the AK-74 but still got it. I didn’t get to make a pull with red plastic pieces and to that I say, OH WELL. :man_shrugging:


Thought about it and you are correct Tully. Your comment helped me realize I have become a casual gamer. I used to spend and had a decent roster when 5* was the summit. But now, on a new region, without the roster to get the 1,000,000+ rewards at level ups or the time to get 4000 point at a raid tournament , you just are gonna fall more and more behind to people spending loads of time or at least some money on the game.
I’ve quit spending 6 months ago. This Dwight/turkey thing is going to push me away and I’m gonna let it I think.


I really enjoy getting prestige tokens from these roadmaps, to be honest, that prestige wheel update was amazing