But but.. What are the rewards for Onslaught?


Seriously I don’t see any rank rewards for the end of Onslaught. What’s up with that? Do we do this just for faction and some solo league trophies? Ewwww

Leaderboard for Onslaught?

It’s obviously just a league table point generator. The reward is glory!

Hey, devs. Here’s an idea. Next month, work for glory instead of pay.


Lol… This blows


Oh nevermind. Each league has different rewards. Unfortunately moving regions kills faction rank in leagues so we’re stuck with silver rank rewards. Sigh


Even in diamond the only addition is a few legendary ascendance medals. In short rewards suck. Basically a mode where scopely doesn’t have to use their minds for rewards… such a let down.


I would have been more happy if rewards were metal cutters and crude bronze instead of this shit


My faction is stuck in Bronze I since we transferred this week. We’re getting 250 league tokens. That’s not even enough for a single camp stove.
@JB.Scopely, just… why?
We’re 60,000 ahead of the next faction (of only 3 on the leaderboard) so I’m encouraging our other co-leads to not even bother cracking the whip on people to even try. There’s 0 point. We’re getting goddamn peanuts out here. Hell, not even the peanuts; just the shells.


No individual milestones to work towards either. Trash.


Let’s look at all of the bottlenecks we got going right now:

  • Liliths
  • Trait trainers/Ulysses
  • Legend gear on all levels
  • Legendary Ascendance Medals
  • Standard Ascendance Medals
  • FTP access to basically every specialist skill of the past year
  • Coins you don’t have to spend real money on
  • Bennies
  • Mod scrap
  • Mods
  • Duct Tape
  • Polishing Kits
  • Territory refills
  • SR refills
  • Work gloves/shirts

And what do we get?


I’m not usually this much of a sarcastic asshole, but my god… Y’all didn’t just swing and miss here; you swung, missed, let go of the bat, it went flying into the stands and hit a small child in the face. This is just pathetic.


I am. Can’t be helped. Nor would I want to change a thing.:smirk:

You seriously hit the nail on the head. Fantastic post. :+1:t2:


All this complaining will prob get them to give us a grenade lol its what we all really want as a reward!


Our first place will get legendary medals. Spend away!


Can anyone please post the wait time they have in different leagues? Whe are platinum, period one is 90 min and 60 min each for the other 2 periods. I’m getting info that platinum rank period 1 is 30min and 15 minutes for the last two. This is utter bs. They can complete a match in less time than it takes others to even complete period 1


Diamond 90m 60m 60m


Oh nevermind then must be an error


Those sound like the beta wait times.


R€ward$ only for Scopely (I’m pretty sure some people use coins to restock energy for few shop token)


Saw it in the in game announcement


Shit Grenades are pretty Good tbh


Yeah that looks like beta. Even the energy isn’t right.