Busy Characters Showing as Available in Scav missions


Characters in a territory or another scav mission not showing up on the teams list when selecting for a current scav mission for some reason.


I’m not seeing this issue occur. Did you just update to the latest version?


I updated and having same problem


Also updated and have seen this problem


Same here


Flagged this problem a while back and it was duly ignored. Can’t confirm its still happening now as I don’t have any available scav missions…


Thanks for the replies. Will test the upgrade path to see if I can repro this issue that way.


Must not have noticed the thread. If you wouldn’t mind flagging me in the future when you find issues, helps me be aware of them.


Yup I am fully updated. Only noticed this since the update


Same issue here.


@Lockdown mind PMing me your account code? I’m still unable to reproduce the issue.