Business first (need 15)


Totally fine, and expectable. As is the P2W expectation of exclusivity and advantage. The longer we go without OG ascendable 5*, the more that understanding is eroded.


Is 2018 too long to wait for you? There are plenty of toons that are OG that are going to be made ascendable in 2018. Have some patience or pull out that credit card if you can’t be patient.


To answer your question, no.

So you’re saying those who have spent should spend again due to their rosters becoming obsolete? Forgive me if I think of your suggestion as I would a roll of toilet paper made out of poop.


Frankly, I think Scopely made a strategic mistake when they launched Legendary characters by artificially limiting the number of options. It has resulted in a meta where there are virtually identical teams being run by everyone. If they had launched ascension with all of the OG characters that have been leaked, or better yet, with a variety of different leader skill characters, we wouldn’t see nothing but Mirabelle and Carl leads. More variety would have made for a more interesting and exciting play experience.

Virtually the only way you can get anyone else on your team is shelling out shit tons of money on premier characters which most people won’t get anyways.