Burt tokens battle pass

How are we supposed to get these Burt tokens for the battle pass?

Daily mission gives three every day

It’s just Burts, actually. No tokens. Get a Burt, it counts. As mentioned, daily missions give 3 every day. Get some from war crates, some from elite item tokens, some from weekly roadmaps, and you’ll be ok.

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To add to this, having Burts sent to your inbox does not count as collecting them. So if you have a maxed out trainer inventory, you’ll have to clear out existing Burts, and then collect them from the inbox.

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There’s usually a trainer pack with 30-60 Burt trainers on the store once every few days, for around 315 coins. That’s the fastest way, to get them in bulk. You can get the rest from daily missions :slight_smile:

Ah okay thanks everyone guess the wording just threw me off that’s all

It is always good to ask to stay with the doubt

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If I had to guess, the shift from Burts being in roster to inventory is responsible for the new term.

You collect tokens in inventory, and toons in roster. My suspicion is that when they made the switch, you technically got a number of Burt tokens equal to the number of Burts in your roster, and then they removed them from your roster.

working within the bounds of the game architecture they have built up.


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