Burn that wood in armory for weapons crit


Would be nice if we could use all the extra wood we have in the armory for increased crit chances


I think there would be too many weapons at that point. I’m sitting on like 400 million wood in battle items lol


Wood for parts of parts needed to craft would be nice, even if they used their super awesome secret RNG .000000001% model and gave over abundant crap parts for 1mil in wood would be fine, fine indeed. I would even complement then for the super awesome secret RNG!


If we can’t have crit let us burn wood to speed up the timer


This bump reminded me, 20 of them…


Super idea! @kalishane


Yes experienced players have too much materials. Let us make something useful with it. Crit bonus, craft parts, reduce timer all sound good


Lol for real. As one example I have like 1,500 grenades that are worth 41.1k wood each. So much wood with no use. Let me trade/convert some to food


I would trade materials for supplies in a heartbeat.