Burn question..?

Hi Everyone,

I don’t know if this is an issue that was brought up or probably it’s me. When ur toon has burn AR of 400 & mods of burn 184 shouldn’t the enemy show a total of 584. What’s the point of having mods + attack if it doesn’t get combined.

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Burn doesnt stack

Bleed does stack

The mechanics of burn is to spread so it picks the highest value only. If it stacked it’d be bleed

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This is from the combat reference guide:


Thanks for the info

I’d recommend an attack mod over the crit mod imo.

Why if the AR is higher ?

Where do you find the correlation between crit and AR being higher? Attack will increase what 250% is, but crit mods don’t affect AR damage unless it’s in the form of basic attacks, which her’s isn’t

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