Bullying in lewis

So theres been some vile vile stuff going on in lewis, so too fac infiltrated second and deleted there faction. They have spent the last day fully bullying the second faction wishing death to children calling women bitxxes some of the things said is vile scopley have choosen to ignore this for moeny there have been not only those guys reporting it but many others but scopley does not care about its members heres one of the messages

Snowflake alert


why not just block them ? It seems like they’re joking among themselves. get over yourself. I never even read the GC also why is there a random pic of a girl on the right ? very weird.

i don’t see anything offensive tbh. Want to see bullying ? take a look at the feedback on my youtube page or twitter page.


This is just classic troll behaviour, don’t feed into it and eventually they’ll go back under their bridge,they just want to stir you up into giving them a reaction so just block them

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Self promotion

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Theres about 40 more screenshots XD probably more

Its been going on for months death to children everything scopley just dont care

Lmao ok buddy haha


You haven’t set anything. how do you know is about you ? just keep to yourself.

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Go cry to support maybe you’ll get a human for once instead of a copy paste robot

One of my mates got banned for being hateful like just because the person being “harassed” screamed loud enough to get someones attention so idk try support but just block them for good measure

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ok boomer. i never saw them threaten children. I mean they could be fans of The Young Turks i guess but i don’t know

No crime was commited. though. It’s cases like this that waste their time. i stand by that. Unless someone is targeting you personally via inbox or whatever. It shouldn’t be a big deal. People don’t know what real hate/bullying/ ect is anymore. This is the very reason why people hate my generation we big mountains out of mole hills. And if you’re actually hated for thinkign for yourself in most cases (you know not being a far left drone) than you’re told you deserve it. Friendly banter isn’t bullying

Yeah I hear you,some ppl get too offended and when they do, they forget the block button exists

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They just take the things said to seriously ignore him

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