Bully in Crenshaw

Theres a player in Crenshaw, named Madisonmontgomry… they are bullying the entire region. Making us all drop defenses for raid events, we arent allowed to attack him during war or he threatens to come to our house in real life, and he also demands that everyone place a team in territories!!!111!!! Something needs to be done about this player before he kills an entire region!!!11!!!

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Can we keep this bull shit to one thread plz?


is he a hacker? Cant you just ignore him and get the whole region to crush the fool? If there is a bully in my region even the top factions point their guns in their direction because it’s not that hard. Its genuinely funny when some fool is talking smack and the whole region decides to silence him. Then again dude this is the internet. He has as much power as you give him

And what makes you think he will show up irl? Are you an infant? People don’t usually carry out threats in games.

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Um. It sounds like somebody trying to help the region and frustrated that y’all aren’t listening. Dropping D for raid and placing teams while hitting terrs are things that are done in good regions. “I’ll come to your house” is internet speak for follow along. Are you 12?


Here in Colbert, we drop defense and share weapon territory. So now that I think of it, it seems like both OP is out of line in their region along with this alleged bully.

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Jeeeeez kids are too “sensitive” these days.
Just block him. Unless you like what he does.

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Lmao, isn’t that what they say in schools now? This is indeed a situation where blocking someone will actually fix the issue. It’s too bad the OP didn’t do this already.

Lame troll thread

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I’m sorely disappointed at myself, now that I really look into it, these 2 Crenshaw threads could be trolls :pensive:.

Reading is fundamental

Lmao at all the people not realizing this is just in response to the original thread accusing OP’s faction (assuming he is in TTT or TTS, I really don’t care to check which) of being bullies


Nobody cares tbh

I need some entertainment to get me through work

Uh you aren’t working hard enough then

Opie wins


11/10 @Mah , you got me.

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Haha, gotta amuse myself somehow during the 100th level up this year already

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