Bullock gets 5 minute training time?

Was checking one of my alts and noticed I could skip the training immediately

Yes, when I was playing in bullock I lost about 4 days in training camps lol. Handy asf for the constant stream of level ups though

The New German Region Colleton Too. I don’t mind

Things are not the same across all regions.

Ask anyone who plays in enough of them.

They will tell you there is slight differences.

Sometimes pricing like shirts an gloves cost me 70 in one place but 200 in another.

Sometimes with skips times ive had 1-2 regions with the same thing could skip over early training camps.

Cant think of them but there has been a few others over the last 3 years and 20 regions or so.


Ahh yes i found the 200 coin price one in a few regions, guess i wont transfer to those when i can get the same thing for 70 coins lol makes no sense at all but this is scopely

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