Bullets in recruits

It says ascendable recruit but all I see are Walker heads and bullets. What are these for?


Right here for Token.

I get that but this is different you get bullets or walker heads from this wheel

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Doc Stevens = 50 tokens. Maybe someone is just somewhat over-optimistic in their valuation of 9mm bullets?

In the wheel with Kapoor’s heads. Possibly a new War 6* that needs bullets?

The real Rip Off is it’s showing Walker heads but when you look at the odds it’s shows a different story


What are the bullets used for though?

I’d say scopely are saving that bullet for themselves.

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Nothin new here jus another broken event. :man_shrugging:

Yeah bullets and heads in the wheel, absolutely no idea what you’d do with them :joy:

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Pretty sure it’s just a dummy wheel. You’re not supposed to pull from it and in fact, I’m pretty sure you can’t as I see no way to amass 1000 tokens for it.

This happened once in the past. I can’t remember the specifics but it was exactly the same. There was a stash along with what looks like a broken wheel and we were told to ignore the wheel.

So just take your Burt from the stash and move on. :man_shrugging:


Yeah, 100% chance for bullets. Expires in 2 days. Nothing to redeem it for.

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