Building teams is screwed

The new filters in rooster are good, but why not in building teams where they are really needed and useful?

Also, do you use a self implemented sorting algorithm? this happens when sorting for trait in building teams. my other 6* and even s-class green … well just scroll a little bit further, not to the end, no, they just appear.

no logic recognizable, is it sorted by :

lvl? NO
name? NO
tier combined with level? NO
Stars, tier, lvl? NO

even some 1* stars are sorted inside other higher class stars, see yellow

Yep. they can’t do anything right. :laughing:

Sorted by the acquisition timestamp, maybe? :smiley:

harr, nice idea but also NO, the green GarretT was one of my first 5/6*.

green shiva should be the newest char in this list, michonne is an old one, glenn also old and lee is quite new…

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