Building for self dueling

Please add a building in your town like a tower team that you can load with characters and attack it for a self duel… Basically same thing as attacking a tower in war.

You made a building for scraps… Plus there’s more locked buildings on the side.



They don’t even need to have a building. Just have the option placed in the player’s profile or in the raid screen, and make it the same team as your faction defense.


It’s just something that is similar to war tower’s. It would be easy and simple. @JB.Scopely .

PS. I know this is a hot topic… Just trying to get the gears turning

This topic is still least a year old


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This idea goes back to the old forums, actually.


Hey there’s me! :stuck_out_tongue: would still love this feature to be implemented. Can also test your attack set ups to combat say rainbow teams and so forth.

Correct… without having to wait for someone to try the team. … can you add this feature to the survival club addition. Would gladly pay 25$ a month for that @JB.Scopely

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Yup, can use many diff options to try better your def, build on weaknesses that sorta thing.

Maybe a feature for the survival club which would be more incentive to get club membership… Something to push/ grind gears for it to be implemented after so many years… I’m sure slot of people would have club membership for that alone.

@JB.Scopely. any response for gears griding. Please have patience with my question

What’s the point of making a defense if you don’t know what the defense looks like? RNG defense… Maybe it will work. maybe it won’t… Keep surviving… Wooooooo!!!

Have someone in ur faction copy ur defense and do it that way it’ll still be different tho because mods and stuff but until we get this feature that’s all we have

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Everyone knows me as “testy testy” … Unfortunately they get irritated after the first few duels.

Maybe tag jb a few more times… that’s how you get ignored and muted lol


Ppl get irritated over deuling? I regularly deul a Faction mate 50-100+ times every day.

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Well that’s good to hear.

duel self

I duel myself offline on average 1-2 times a week (and win). It’s not as exciting as it’s all cracked up to be…

On a serious note, it would promote more solo play, they don’t like that. Scopes flow diagram of profit below:

Member of a faction = Incentive to do well and impress teammates in non-war faction events = Feel obliged to put up points and perform well in wars to maintain faction membership = more likely to spend to do well and achieve previously mentioned points = profit.

Is this possible ?

Don’t need a tower or special thing . Just allow us when we go into friendly duels to be able to also duel our self. I honestly thought they would do that when releasing duels.