Building a team, who to focus on

So my focus has been on other games and I haven’t put forth much effort in this game to this point(just logging in, doing enough to get rewards and hoarding everything). I have a roster of toons now and I’d like to focus on this game but I’m not sure who is worth upgrading and putting mods into. So out of the list below some advice on putting together a team and modding them and weapons would be awesome.

Tyrese, alpha

Governor, Mira belle, andrea, rosita

Shiva, Glenn, Carl, Garrett

Javier, negan, zeke, Maggie, naya, gator, Romanov, aris

Any help would be appreciated. I’m ftp which is prob clear and would rather not spend. Some are 6* and some aren’t yet. Thanks

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for ranged i would focus on ty first bc decap, mira, gov,alpha, andrea or rosita

For melee i would focus on carl for the lead, glenn, zeke, naya and rom

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