Building a team for last Alpha Stage

I failed at my first attempt on stage ten on the Alpha path. Out of all my characters what would be the best team to take in to beat it.

Erika lead
Green Kal with a crit weapon

Wouldn’t Andrea be a better leader than Erika?

Use Erika and a huge ap with 40 attack as faction support

Stage is way too hard for f2p. Bunch of idiots. But I agree. Bet bet is too use Erika lead and slow chip away with Regina. It’s a tough one.

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Not everyone has Erika… not even close.


That’s what I used

He has Erika though

Have no clue how I came in at the tail end of the thread. Think I thought I was reading another thread.
Ignore my reply.

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You have 2 options ask your faction to put up either a good

  1. shield (stun or impair or asb def weapon)
    or a toon like
  2. harper/doc/Dale/Alice with a good debuff or buff.

Harper got me threw it stun plus disarm on weapon then the debuff of -50% to all when rushing. Was able to kill at least raven by the 3rd round and damage another enough to try take out next round. Then slow and steady with the rest after.

Ravens the one to take out 1st then others. Her active then rush will be your down fall.

I think you probably know what team works best for yourself already, with a bit of luck you get threw it.
This stage was very similar to stage 8 I used the same team setup for both. I found that Stage 9 with the revives was harder. Best of luck.

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One of my faction mates has Shield Andrea. So Raven needs to be taken out first. Got it. Thanks!

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Hey I noticed you have a lot of the same toons I used. This was the team that finally won with a Mia support toon. Make sure you have all APs full and active skills ready for that last stage. I lost like 6-7 times before I got the right toons and strategy. Definitely take out Raven, I think I took out Michelle next and then Charlie. You wanna get those damage toons out of the way. Douglas is great at confusing them and between Mia and Regina, those attack toons were toast.

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two those toons i dont have, but ill try to use subsitutes.


that’s the team i used with Lydia supporter

Michelle Donny Shield Jesus Charlie 5*Kate and decap Sandy as support.

Used this for last two stages :ok_hand:

I cleared it with this, you just need a Revive support and some patience. If there is only 1 toon alive on a stage and you have 2 dead, auto him to death so you can revive your characters on that stage

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I used this team with second Michelle from team support. No problems…

I used this team with Douglass faction supporter
All free to play baby,