Building a successful faction


Hey all,

I’m looking to try and build a faction that I can one day take to diamond 4. I’m an active player and would like to build a faction that’s competitive and fun. I’ve always been a diamond player and have a pretty big roster and a 3 turn attack team… So if youre a player similar to me I’d love to build a new killer faction with you. I have added a image of my last blitz war score. :slight_smile: if ur interested please line me @ j00bi (that’s j00bi with two zeros )

P. S I’m not interested in joining ur faction…



How many factions have you had already and just left?:thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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And what’s wrong with insidious?



What region?



What region you looking to do this in



What ever happened to Exercitus?



This the same Joobi that ditched his faction just before blitz as soon as a faction with some players with more rep than him showed up?

Or is this the Joobi that was going to Dade to take it over from Victory only to ruin multiple factions with stupid merges who then fled and ditched his faction?

Maybe they are different Joobis?



You do realize you just threw a co-lead under the bus, don’t you? Not cool.

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So he’s like my boss at work :thinking:, if the projects go well, it’s thanks to his blessing :innocent: and his hand :sunglasses: that guides us all in the department, but if something goes wrong :rage: it was the responsibility of some subordinates :scream_cat: and that we did not follow their instructions.



A good leader takes no responsibility for success and all responsibility for failure. If this guy wants to build a faction, off to a bad start showing true colors…



Just Joobi things.

He has lost a fair few decent players across his many factions he has started then abandoned.

He has a tendancy to blame others non stop and doesnt seem to realise these factions he has started wont reach the top until he sorts his behaviour towards others out.



Actually… Ur right if I think about it. I really appreciate ur comments and I’m happy you brought this to light… I do need to get better and do better as a lead… I genuinely will reread ur posts and work harder moving forward… Not sure of ur name but I appreciate ur criticism this will help me better my state of mind moving forward.

:slight_smile: thank you friend.



Bump. Best of luck joobs :slight_smile:



Thanks mate. I appreciate that.



I don’t have bad blood with j00bi or anything, but that statement of his that I quoted just stood out, as, and I’m assuming here, I have a very good idea of who the co-lead mentioned was. And If I’m right, the said co-lead has been with him for a very, very long time, and for her to get thrown under the bus like that, well, I can’t not say something about it.

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All you need to be a top faction is a bunch of mindless spenders