Build Your Own Bundle


I’ve stated in other posts that I am done buying big coin packages/40-pulls until an ascendable toon is guaranteed. And I can understand Scopely not wanting to sell individual gear and trainers. But if Scopely came up with a build-your-own bundle, I wonder if people would spend more than trying for a 5-star toon.

For example $25 you pick 4:
2 of one type of persona trainers (phoebe/peacekeeper ie)
3 Benedicts
5 4-star trainer, forgot his name
600 legendary medals (enough for 2 ascensions)
20,000 (enough for 2 ascensions)
6 of one type of ultra rare gear (longcoats, night vision goggles, etc)
Walkie & schoolbag
Military watch & hand crank radio
3 of one type of 6-star gear (gauntlet, tripod, etc)
2 of one type of higher 6-star gear (whetstone, magazine bandolier)
500k food

$50 gets you 9 picks

I am sure I underpriced this based on how Scopely prices things. And maybe you can only buy one or two bundles a month. It would give us more control over what we get. If there something like this, Scopely probably would have gotten much more money from me than they have.


Easy. Check out the offers VK cook up, offer same deals for less = eliminate cheating and happier playerbase.


Duct tape em to your toons without the pins. use them as a suicide bomb.