Build Your Melee Team Premier Event, Worth it? +Camila Map Walkthrough

The new Build Your Melee Team event is obviously a premium event however it has a very low barrier for access to some great rewards. For 5 pulls you can get your hands on 24 Knife Sheaths, 24 Sports Gauntlets, 4 Watches and 4 Radios if the last 3 basic roadmaps follow the reward structure of the Camila Gauntlet.

You will also be able to do two stages of the Harper Gauntlet with leftover wine bottles to get some top end 5* gear or if you originally do 10 pulls you can also get 6 Whetstones. 30 Pulls overall will net you an extra GPS & Canteen as well as two ascendables of your choice in the museum.

What do you think of this premium event?

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Also, if there is a ranged version of this two seperate 5 pulls in each event will potentially get you 24 of the gauntlets / sheaths / dummies / tripods, which is enough of those types Tier4 two 6* characters of each trait. (assuming there are two alert and two tough characters in the ranged version)

There probably will be a ranged version of this event after this is over but I doubt I’ll participate this time around with the amount of gear and collection items needed to complete

I wonder if the ranged version of build your team will also use the same champagne bottles for the collection.

There are some decent toons in the collection, but the ranged options could be even better.

GR mentioned wine glasses, so I presume the collections are separate

You don’t have to complete to get a large amount of rewards. 5 Pulls gets you a lot.

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If they use the same wine bottle currency I can get excited for the ranges event. If they switch it up to be greedy i wont participate

very good… if buying toons is how you get good

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The are different, melee looks to be wine bottles and ranged will be glasses of wine

GR said this, which implies wine glasses will come into play:

I think if someone is not a big spender but has the league coins 1250 is a very good deal for all that gear.

It’s still too expensive for what it is but on the other hand compared to the 2% wheels it is a much better “value” overall if you really want any of those toons. I just don’t get why each toon had to be maxed out in order to claim Harper. Seems a bit much especially if you don’t plan on using the other 4.


6300 for two of those toons is about as good a deal as your gonna get in this game. I would have liked a better option than guardian Glenn. Most have rick by now but it is what it is.

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Event is amazing i snagged 2 Camilas from a pull, got g2 rick been wanting him forever, got 1st alpha from a single so happy about that and i snagged chris from the museum been wanting him forever and it was hella cheap.

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Yeah I’m going to have the 4 toons once they release the other roadmaps but I don’t have enough gold ascendance medals for 3… definitely feeling concerned. All I really want is Camilla and Harper

Personally I’m just gonna do 3 pulls, then run the 1st roadmap for the 12 knife sheaths.

I like it had luck on a 10 getting alpha, already had Chris and I got camila then just used bottles to run map and I have 50 left for final trade (well 60)

Strange thing happened though, on my 40 pull I got guardian rick and he is not shown on the wheel

After war I will have enough gear to do the toons I have to do. So I think its a good event really.


Yeah I got 2 camila

Why keep spending on old outdated characters? This exactly what they did right be4 6 stars came out.I say w8 see what’s in the works.

I got g2 rick as well not ccomplaining ive always wanted him

It had potential but making the roadmap so hard put a dampener on it a bit. I’m not saying it should be a cakewalk but the last stage of the Camilla map was plenty hard enough, the S11 Harper one is overkill especially when you’ve already spent money to be able to complete it. The majority of people who can actually do it probably already have Harper and far better toons as well. Once again the people who would benefit most are shut out.