Build your dream team

You have any and every toon you want! Build your dream team(s)! Gooooooooo

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Two Magna’s and three Erika’s for defense. Toss in a couple of Michones and Siddiq for offense and were gtg until the next wave of op toons are released.


Erika Erika Andrea Dev manga


Human teams are overrated.


Main dream defense team

6* Lucas as lead(weapon: huge ap when on atk,35%def, stun on defend)
6* Governor(neutralizer)(weapon: 35%atk, huge ap on atk, stun when defending)
6* Lori(huge ap on atk, 35%def, stun when defending)
6* Erika(huge ap on atk, 35%def,stun when defending)
6* Ezekiel guardian(weapon: +35crit,huge ap on atk, absolute defense)


I find this odd, why Ezekiel with guardian & not Hershel with another stun?


Because this team is mainly F2P

Dante, Blue Michonne 2x, Magna, Koa.


If u say so lmao

5* Limited Edition Negan, 5* All Out War Negan, 5* Kirkman Series Negan, 5* A New Threat Negan, 5* A New Beginning Negan.

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Aaron lead with crit boost.

Dante x 2- Kal guardian - Koa

Erika mackensie with a. A magna garret and my boo jerimiah
Mackensie isn’t realesed but is the equapivent of a trippp
With awesome active so yeah

This one is easy to build (if you are p2p) so if you have these please give it a try and let me know even thru PM…

Blue garrett lead - huge ap atk/ random heal/ 30 def
Maggie - huge ap atk/ random heal/ 35 def
Abe - huge/ heal/ 30 def
Negan - huge/ heal/ 35
Siddiq - huge/ impair def/ 30

…yeah it has been my dream to see how this team fares but i dont have sid or garrett hehe

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damn… some of y’all have low standard dreams. those teams gonna git crushed…

dream team on offense - Dwight, Michonne, Michonne, Michonne, Siddiq. or Dwight, Michonne Michone Aris Siddiq.

dream team on defense - Erika, Magna, Michonne, Michonne, Siddiq. I dont know about that though, not sure it’s going to defense well

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So just put multiple Michonne’s and it’s a great team? Sounds alot like what ppl used to do with Andrea very original lol

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5 blue Michonne with a 6th as fac helper :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dante, Magna, Michonne, Koa, Siddiq

I have Dante & Siddiq, if I had the other 3 I could run a ton of other combos using Shiva (Revive claws), Glenn, Dwight, Ty, Wyatt and Aris. Mostly Blue some teams and mostly Green others for people bringing Rick

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