Build time discrepancies


@kalishane I’m curious as to why the build times on the server we go up against for crw every time has significantly shorter build times as well as holds more resources. Both of these servers are roughly the same population and started at about the same time. The bottom region is Blount and the top is Chattooga. Shouldn’t we be on an equal playing field? Both are lvl 14 to 15 upgrades


or does anyone know…


The 2nd image is showing a territory buff and it looks like it’s the one for reduced build times


yeah im wondering why the server on top which is the same age etc is way faster on build times lol edit: and holds more wood


Yeah I tried to edit my post when I realised I hadn’t read it properly lol. That’s messed up but not entirely surprising


My guess would be one is for wood storage with another is for food storage.


both are wood


My guess would be scopely