Build-a-Lori Workshop


This is the leaked profile for 6* lori. Leave comments on how you would want her to be in this format please:

Leader skill
Adrenaline rush[effect](ap cost)
Active skill[effect](initial cooldown)(cooldown)

Do what you think justifies the character but think of her stat line in turn with her abilities…


Why does everybody wants lori so bad lol


She can send 6* Carl back to the house. that’s why no more pesky Carl teams


kind of remids me of gator


Because she will be the first alert ascendable from 4 star ascendance, there aren’t many free alert ascendables. All you gotta do is look at her trait and look at how many alerts you can get for free.

I would love for her to have a leader skill like Garret. All alert and strong teammates get 40% HP and 40% DEF. I haven’t really thought of anything beyond that.

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I’d rather she have Command than a leader skill.

AP: all teammates get 50% attack and defense for 3 turns. Stun one enemy for two turns.

Active skill: confuse two enemies for one turn

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i’d rather have my girlfriend back then lori.


F2p alert, not many of those out there… Eugene doesn’t really count since there’s no real way to get him currently


40%hp 40%def to ranged.

Id like a status wipe, def buff, bonus hp at 66.

Stun active

Cool then don’t even bother going for Lori, try for the girl. You’d probably have a better chance getting her back than getting Lori anyways.

Girlfriends are better then Lori…

At least right now,

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and mic or tyr send her back as well

Les stats ce sont les vrai ?

lol , I will be very angry if they do that
Shields are dead