Bugs need to be fixed!

Major bugs with toons being taunted or confused and still rushing. Even with no taunt resist or confuse resist mods, especially with Christa. Also, James can get through a gaurdian shield with a rush. Someone I was facing had a gaurdian shield up and I killed them one hit, like it wasn’t even there. This is making the game very frustrating! What the hell is the point of having a taunt or confuse toon, when people can rush regardless. You keep slipping Scopely and everyone is fed up with the bullshit!!

Toons can still rush if they have the effect of focus active


Christa gives herself focus, which bypasses taunt, confuse, and human shield.

When she has focus and also gets confused, both symbols will show up, alternating above her. This is by design, and not a bug.


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