Bugs in scavenger camps


When I try put on the well well well mission the game just keeps resetting


beta? or normal region? happens to me in beta region not in normal region


Normal I am in beta as well but it’s happening in my normal region


Same here in normal Region


When I did the Berserker roadmap it kept resetting after I finished each level … I got all the rewards but it was mad annoying


Also having this issue with Well Well Well. On beta but occuring in my main region.

I start the mission and game restarts a couple minutes later when it next contacts server (e.g. when pulling a token). Also happens if I start mission and abort it. When game restarts, everything I’ve done since starting the mission has reset.

Other scav missions are working normally for me

Game crashes while selecting scavenger mission

The issue’s been reproed. Currently being worked on by the dev team.


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