Bugged arena over 5000 opponents?

I know it’s not the best score but rly? Are there even that many people in a league?

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Some bug makes you play against all that got a goldticket
Someone is gonna be forced to pay out compensation again

Ok so it is a bug? Cos I was thinking it was yet another change they didn’t feel the need to announce. Seems unfair, wouldn’t have wasted my single ticket for no rewards if I’d known

You cant save goldtickets.
Ofc it is a bug

LMAO; thanks scope for your legendary transparency :joy::joy::joy:

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I don’t think it was a bug. We played against every player last time cause I rmr players in my league scores were highlighted. If ppl decided they had to off loads of money for less coins and few rings

Woah what? They don’t transfer between arenas?

Not goldtickets

It wasn’t like that for me with the last arena, I only used one ticket on that one too and I still got rewards

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Last time we got all people from different leauges at end.
Highlighted was people from diamond 5

I’m platinum 1 and I’ve been put in a league with all diamonds

I can never even see the top of the board, always loads like this

For me personally this has just made champions arena obselete.
Gold tickets ate worthless now and i dont fancy spending any money with so many people competing.
Ill just stick to the weekly arenas where i dont have to spend and can still get rings.


If this is how it works now they’ve ruined yet another aspect of the game. Can scopely never just get better instead of running the whole thing into the ground?



SWonder how they solve this cluster misshap

Platinum II and this is my competition haha. Kind and f wishing I just stayed locked out now.


I see the same thing. No point in entering this at all. It has to be a bug but then again, it’s Scopely we’re talking about

Im in the same1 have 50k and is on 985 place

1 in my faction is on 17th place whit 20k this is bs

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