Bugged arena draft

Every time I try and confirm my selection for my first draft character, the entire game reloads. I couldnt find anyone else on my region with this problem, but its completely keeping me out of this round of arena.

Its been happening to my factionmate too. She is on iOS and can’t play at all for the exact same reason.

Is it just me or is arenas littered with bugs?? I’ve seen toons use active skills 2 rounds in a row, when there should be 2 or 3 round cooldown… just had Elles bide trigger when she died, even though the description says bide won’t trigger on death, costing me a spot in the top 5. (Or am i reading it wrong?)… Defense teams not saving correctly.

Just to name a few more… from what I’ve seen it’s pretty bad. Bad bad. Lol

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