Bug with totaling tickets in Faction Assault

Hello, since Faction Assault cama out I have had errors of missing tickets not being credited at all. I reported it to the support but nothing had been dine yet and I am told it will be handled in next update. In the meantime we are talking now I’d several thousand tickets at this point since I am in the top faction of my server. Also another member of my faction reported to me the same bug.

I ve got a screen for everyday and also for the last two rds tournaments where I finished top 10 but did not get the tickets credited though I had reached max for the day during the days the tournament lasted.

Did you leave your faction at all? If you leave your faction it displays 0 for your tickets when you come back. They are still there in the faction total though.

I’m pretty sure this is a visual glitch because “Your tickets” resets twice a day instead of once. You’re getting the tickets, but any tickets you earn between 7pm and 11pm are included in the “daily total” count but not the “your tickets” count. It will be fixed in a future update.