Bug with Maim, Decap and Guardian Shield

I’ve been stumbling over a new possible bug with Regina a couple times the last couple days.

Following scenario:
Enemy has a toon with 2k base HP. He has been maimed down to 400 base HP. Now Guardian shield is applied to that toon. You rush with Regina on that toon again.

Guess what happens… toon drops dead (because the HP pool reduction is applied through shield and HP pool now is effectively 0), the shield bursts but the toon is not decapitated and can be revived again.

Please finally fix Maim
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Pretty sure that guardian shield should have absorbed the main damage and the toon should not have have been killed in the first place.

This game is full of bugs and they don’t seem to care about fixing them at all.


They have established that guardian shield is supposed to block maim damage but it’s currently not. Annoying bug.


This has come up a few times.

The general answer is that maim is applied through the shield as strictly speaking it isn’t ‘damage’ rather a health reduction.

I agree that shield should block it, but like many things, it’s been forgotten about.
Not even a mention in the update 19 notes either

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The main problem is that it isn’t consistent. Pretty sure it behaves differently between different characters.

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They Need to have this fixed already because at this point its one of the few solutions from Zach being the game breaker he is


Don’t worry after a few more promos and sales on Zach decline then they might fix it. Right now it being broken makes them more money than if it worked like it is supposed to.


Because the notes are about changes not bug fixes as it is not the full list of notes for the update.

Main is both damage and a debuff, this has been covered at length. The debuff should be blocked by guardian as it is tied to the damage aspect


I know this has been brought up, I have added quite a bit to these kind of threads.

However, this behaviour is new. Not sure if something was changed or if I didn’t happen to run into this before, I cannot say.

The issue is, that Regina definitely kills the toon but the toon doesn’t get decapitated. This is pretty inconsistent and absolutely should not be the case. That’s why I brought this up separately so that Scopely finally looks into this awkward mechanic.

Maim is buggy all over the place. For instance if you maim a toon under the effect of pain split, the connected toon should also take the damage (from the true damage instance, not the debuff) for consistency sake. But that is a totally different story.

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It has been about 3 weeks since scopely acknowledged the bugs with maim. It makes me wonder how close they are to a fix? :thinking:

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crap, more people know of maim bug
sell zac quick!
Zac promo before 19.1 comes out, before war with beefed up red towers

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There not going to fix it they make money off a bunch of games now so they can care less. Remember this is a unfinished game look at the town it’s had empty spots forever


Zach does maim damage has nothing to do with beefed up red towers…

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what I’m saying is Zac promo will come in next thursday before war, before 19.1 and before potential nerf

and to improve chances of sales, scopley will place a beefy red tower, hugh to attack, extra def etc

like last weekend, where there were all tough towers to make that new tough promo more attractive

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either zac ur another op toon before crw, all about the moneeeeey

so predictable scope

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