BUG with game crashing on SR tourney stage completion


started sr beat area one game restarts done this 5 times now get this shit fixed for once and no it’s not due having low connection

waste of fuel

Survival Road Event bug
Tournament Road Unplayable

Same thing for me


very much wasted full 8/8 on first area.


Same thing, everytime I dont logon for a bit and something happened significant in territories. But it loads so slow, I’ll be halfway into a raid and it reboots


Same. Game restarts as soon as I complete the stage so it doesn’t register that I attempted it.


this game is never going run %100 tbh


Same…glad its not just me…


I passed stage 1 just fine… That’s odd


I can’t pass a stage, game constantly reboots. What the fuck. Game never works as intended.


Same issue. I’m a beta tester.


Same problem, also Beta member. Used 2 energy to confirm it wasn’t a one time glitch before coming here to discover a lot of people have the same issue.


Beta user here. Wasted 3 energy. Game restarts after 1st stage completion every time


Have the same issue but I’m not a beta user


Im having the same issue. Tried on two different regions and same issue. I get kicked out of the game as soon as I complete stage 1. Game doesn’t register that I beat the level but it used the energy. Please fix this $copley!!


im not beta and i lost 2 energy!!!


I am beta… and having this issue also… can’t even finish stage 1 :cry:


bump. me and several others having this problem. must be a beta bug.


I’m getting reports in my Line groups about this. It appears to be a problem for beta users - I haven’t heard of any non-beta users who are affected (other than in this thread). Not all beta users are affected.

Leave your faction and complete SR stages. It’s not ideal, but it appears to prevent the crashing issue.
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Leaving fx worked for me but still sucks. No getting bonus XP from the territory my fx holds…