Bug with Faction Assaut stuck on last scene

Server Clay, top Faction Awful Gods previously called #lvb#. Player Kulyard.
Stuck on last picture of last screen of Boss n 5 for 4 weeks. Missed 2 Boss assaults because of bug. I am Faction leader would like that he gets some compensation for not being able to participate.
We solved bug today without assistance from Scopely which tell us to wait for developers to sort out bug. He tired rebooting, emptying cache and I think also reinstalling game. Solution we found: he left Faction, created a new faction, stuck screen was then gone, then réinvited to Faction and bug is now gone.

Did he get the rewards?

We had someone just leave faction than come back he didn’t have to make a new faction. Was stuck on that screen over a week. No rewards were received though we expected it as he was not able to hit.

yeah if you leave the faction and return should set you straight