Bug with Crafting

I’m a returning player from 2017~ and the first thing I’m greeted with is being unable to craft. Anytime I’m prompted for the tutorial on crafting, It has me go through various steps. Upon completion, the app closes.

I did record a video of this happening, and I am unable to upload it to the forums.

What I’ve tried:
New installation of game
Transfer game from iPad to iPhone

I have:
IPhone 8 running iOS 13.3.3 developer
IPad (gen 5) running iOS 13.3.2 developer

Anyone know a fix?

Uninstall and don’t reinstall

Upload the video to YouTube and then post the link


This is the best way. If you don’t want to upload it yourself, get the video to me and I’ll give you a link. Send it on Line or Discord, email it (ladygeek.rts@gmail.com), Dropbox, Google drive, or put it up on any filesharing service and I’ll help you out.

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