Bug with brick and mortar scav mission

Idk who I talk to but this has happens 2 times first time I didn’t think nothing of it but this time it happend to a really good toon I need ok so… I used brick and mortar to max my toon to lvl50 t1 and when I go to upgrade it and add a few lvls my game resets and my toon is back to t1 lvl50

:crystal_ball: Don’t count on it

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Firstly, if the scav took her to Tier 1 Level 50, then she’s maxed, so its probably a good thing your game crashes and doesn’t let you waste characters on her - your only option when you go to level her should be to upgrade to Tier 2.

Why do you think the issue is with the Scav mission? What about the other characters who were on the mission with her?

Its only happend twice the other toon I used to ascend a 6 star this one I would like to keep till I get gator umm everything else seems to be fine but every time I tier 2 her the game reloads me to the loading screen and I get back in and she’s max tier 1 again I have figured out I can level her rush without that resetting but irk since the update theres been quiet a few problems this is my main issue I want resolved if possible

I understand I have to upgrade her but when I do the game bugs out(kicks me) to the loading screen when I get back she is back to t1 again so not sure if its a programming issue or what? But I invest a lot in to this game I would figure the 6th grossing game in America could afford to fix a lot of its issues

Or a least figure out a way to give things to players bringing actual problems… Not the prolly thousands just trying to just get free stuff… I for 1 like to earn my things and this was from a 5 star tokens an would either love a new Rosa or my 10k tokens for a different 5 star I mean I can bring all the proof to you ss with time stamps or you can get in to my account rabbit{T$} Cleburne region the $aviors faction

What the he’ll now I can’t upgrade the new rick

@Kanaima I can’t upgrade 2 characters now what’s going on with this game I’m about to quit

@Agrajag what’s going on with this game I’m about to quit

Take a video, and then tag some of the developers and they should be able to help

Who are the developers?

Well you already tagged one. Not sure this is really Combat Man or Combat Devil’s area but they’re two more

Ok I just started a new feed it won’t let me post the video I made

@kalishane @Shawn.Scopely

@CombatMan and @CombatDevIl


I’m sorry, I’m not a dev, I can’t help. I only make YouTube Videos man.

Sorry I misunderstood content creator

I got a video tho of the game bugging out but no idea how to get it posted on here

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