Bug with 6* in raid

We are some in my favtion who noticed this bug

the support isn’t helping at all

without a video as proof, they will not answer my friend

No commander, no rush who give a bonus, i didn’t even hit them once. They really have no reason to rush that soon.

Must be an ap on attack or leader bonus.

There is no way for a toon on defense to get to 40 ap (except from taking a lot of damage. )

They get 20 per attack x 1.4 being on defense.

So with no ap gain boost they gain 28 per attack.

With huge ap they gain 42 per attack
With very large 39.2 (maybe this rounds to 40)

Can’t be the weapons cause they rushed without doing a normal atk first and no ap leader

Also had faction mate complain about early 76-rushes going off like round 2…

Pics or it didn’t happen.

Seriously though, the developers won’t so shit until they are confronted with proof - which you can’t blame them for.

A screen is useless… how i can prove that with a screen? Seriously… a pic will prove nothing and i can’t take a video.