[Bug] Weapon Effects don't apply on Faction Assault when enter on second+ phase

I believe a problem is that beta testers don’t really provide feedback, because there’s no easy way to do it. I believe we’re supposed to do it through G+, but it’s another crappy platform that includes these forums, Facebook, in game support, and I think even Twitter.

And to be fair, I didn’t notice the bug in beta.

crit leaders didint helped at all against walkers either and no help from crit weapons either, not even shanes crit ar buf didint make much headshots, weapons like abs def and stun (on attack atleast) worked against negan in all stages

Didn’t they admit it is an issue?

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Will anything be done for factions that end up failing the tier 5 assault given that we all assumed weapons and leads would work?

Its going to take a month or more to farm that many tickets again.


Indeed I’ll assume no tho. Sorry it’s broke. Tough crap. Lol.

Are we getting our tickets back? We probably will not finish Negan because of this:

Weapons and Leader skill not working "/

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I definetly had ap weapon issues ony both leader skill and weapons.
some of my special mods were working.

I dunno we cleared the map i just worked with the bug in mind.
Not sure if bonus stats worked aswell i felt like they did not.

Any estimate of when such an update might be released (e.g., days, weeks, months)?


Would be nice to know an ETA on when this issue will be fixed.

I believe it will come in 2017 yet. I am not official source regarding schedule, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have another issue. Abdef on Shield Michonne was hit by t5 negan. abdef effect resulted, but stun took effect. I have never seen stun on attack penetrate abdef before. is this ntended or another error?

Intended, Abs Defense only reduces damage 0, it is not like Guardian Shield that absorbs the attack.

does this mean its been fixed on the iugo side and we are now waiting for it to be pushed live by scopely?

Builds don’t contain singular fixes. The next update will have a bunch of fixes, including some changes for the issue where users are experiencing button selection misplacement on certain screen/device resolutions, so it’s still being worked on, but a fix has been verified for that issue.

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Still no fix for this? We started t5 again, thinking the 9.0.6 update fixed this issue, still hasn’t.

You have even replied that thread, you should have been aware fo this :stuck_out_tongue:

Which is on beta now? So, released in about 2 weeks for general players?

it’s not in Beta yet.

Yep. Thanks.