[Bug] Weapon Effects don't apply on Faction Assault when enter on second+ phase

I was playing faction boss this weekend and I noticed that after you entered in combat from second phase or onwards, weapon effects stopped working.

Fix that @CombatDevIl, please.


What tier? I noticed it working alright on T2 negan.

Tier 2, I was using bonus AP on attacking weapons, and wasn’t receiving any bonus AP.

All tiers. It’s when you enter combat on a wave/phase past the first wave/phase for any stage

Hmm I swear I was using Attack down and Defence down on one of the bosses. I thought it was negan. But maybe it was a stage 2 boss.

Lol great post btw Combat Devil. You had me laughing.

I think it is related only to passive ones (like HP bonus). Not the ones that trigger.

ya, it’s all permanent effects. Leader skills and weapon effects, unfortunately. Will be fixed in a future update

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It falls in the same issue.

You mean, any effect like Stun/Bleed on attacking and defending? Remember that higher Tiers have more resistance to effects.

Which one, there are 2. PS. If negan is inside the tank, he is unable to be target by ANY attack/effect even those that state affect all.

Yeah, this issue I found affects any permanent boost.

I see, which 6* Governor? we have two red ones. Tell and I can run a test here and see if I can reproduce it.

I was sent here so I’ll ask how am I suppose to enjoy this event like this?
SR had this same issue and I had to endure it (was not compensated for it).
Now I was screwed here DMG wise. (Tier5)
Pushing this onto an update is not enough. You guys have beta testers, there is no sense for this weapon/leader bug.

I believe a problem is that beta testers don’t really provide feedback, because there’s no easy way to do it. I believe we’re supposed to do it through G+, but it’s another crappy platform that includes these forums, Facebook, in game support, and I think even Twitter.

And to be fair, I didn’t notice the bug in beta.

crit leaders didint helped at all against walkers either and no help from crit weapons either, not even shanes crit ar buf didint make much headshots, weapons like abs def and stun (on attack atleast) worked against negan in all stages

Didn’t they admit it is an issue?

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Will anything be done for factions that end up failing the tier 5 assault given that we all assumed weapons and leads would work?

Its going to take a month or more to farm that many tickets again.


Indeed I’ll assume no tho. Sorry it’s broke. Tough crap. Lol.

Are we getting our tickets back? We probably will not finish Negan because of this:

Weapons and Leader skill not working "/

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wow that fucking corn offer.

I definetly had ap weapon issues ony both leader skill and weapons.
some of my special mods were working.

I dunno we cleared the map i just worked with the bug in mind.
Not sure if bonus stats worked aswell i felt like they did not.

Any estimate of when such an update might be released (e.g., days, weeks, months)?


Would be nice to know an ETA on when this issue will be fixed.