Bug trader wangfa vs araav

Hi survivors,

There Is a big bug : when you proc 100% no heal with wangfa , araav follwing heal with his weapeon … please scop fix u r game ty

Have a nice day

Salut scopely

Quand on met 100% anti soin avec wangfa , araav continu a se soigner malgré le debuff merci de fixer ça . Bonne journée

Heal reduction could be removed either by another character, resisted or Wangfa depending on the level of it may still allow them to heal.

Is it possible that heal reduction resist occured

Heal reduction got resisted, nothing else but player error there

Ok but araav souldn’t be heal if he have 100% anti heal It s a bug.

Video, please?

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It’s fixed . Now it’s better

I dont know hot post à vidéo sorry

He can if it is resisted or recovered.

Did anybody else use Trader today in Draft Arena? I thought he was meant to taunt on rush, but I never saw it happen not once, ( I actually had a 3 trader team) or am I wrong here?

Only taunts when on the defensive team, not on attack.

Ah right - Ok, cool thanks for that, I dont have one of my own, so I am not that used to using him. Thank-you for solving the mystery for me.


Also Aarav doesnt use his active „recover burn/bleed”
At least in sr even if he get burn from zombies
If he does same in def then dont count on him in new great bleed war :roll_eyes:

I think he uses it all the time in raids/war. Usually to my annoyance lol

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