Bug Tokens Disappear

After the war, I opened recruitment for war tokens, and in the process of opening, my game just closed and my war tokens are spent.

Player Name: Xartt
Region: Aiken
Device: Android

What were you doing immediately before encountering the bug? - I checks characters list.

Does the bug occur every time? - recently, almost always this happens at the opening recruits and on raids.

Return the tokens, please, I did not even understand what they gave me. (At that time i had 2100 war coins)
Sorry for my bad English :slight_smile:

They’ll always say that u got a 3*

Check your roster. Even tho the game crashed you still would have two new characters.

Maybe, but I didn’t found out who, because I had a lot of characters

Message support and ask which character you got. They should be able to tell you.

where i can contact admins directly?

I don’t think they will be able to help you. This one sounds perfect for support. They should have a record of your pull log.

In game support can look in your account & tell you what toons you got.

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