[Bug] Stun and Parting Shot


During the last 2 SR tourneys, I noticed a discrepancy in the interaction of Stun and Parting Shot.

There is a stage with 3 Rods, they have reflect weapons and parting shot. Usually, I finish those off with Mirabelles’ rush. They all get stunned, die, nothing happens (read: no parting shot, because stunned).

However, if you rush them down with Donny (who also deals damage and stun), they die but parting shot triggers.

How comes? Can you please investigate?
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Still waiting for a response.


Thanks for the report @docmatix

I’ll forward this thread to our combat gurus to have it checked further :slight_smile:


Can you ask that the combat gurus come back to the forums to help answer questions like they used to?


Rod has reflect weapons? Thought Rod had the defense down clubs while Negan had the reflect weapons?


One of the things I would never even know of as, just like any other player, I tap the “auto” button.


I don’t think parting shot does much damage anyways.

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There is a problem or a change that wasn’t mentioned but maim used to base damage but it has started doing bonus hp damage and when that occurs you get a victory but the enemy teams characters can still be alive


Another thing i was unable to record due to my phone sucking, was on a stage with zombies who had no effects (stun, abs, reflect, ect) there were instance where i had a toon die after hitting a zombie. I did try and recreate it but was unable. Has anyone else noticed this?


Nice catch, that’s right. However, the weapon special doesn’t affect the behaviour of parting shot.

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This was changed based on a report I made so I’m well aware of the behavior. Stun initially did not block the parting shot. Once fixed, it did but the only toon I had that applied the status was Mirabelle. Reading Donny’s AR description, it should work the same. And I suppose any green toon with a stun sword for that matter.


I’ve seen some weird things the last Raid tourneys. So not surprised actually. One instance of a dead toon reappearing even though there was no Revive toon or weapon in the enemy team. However, I tried to capture that onnscreen and raided that particular bot a fair amount of times without being able to reproduce it.

My best bet is tha there is some minor bug there somewhere causing some issues every now and then.


Thanks alot!

Also forward this particular post please:

Greetings to @CombatDevIl and @CombatMan
We definitely miss these guys!

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