Bug: Road Rage Act 2 Stage 3 ... Auto play Crashed my Game

Just on this stage and ran auto for about 30 seconds and it crashed the game, usually not a problem on world map or other roadmaps but this stage cost 461 batteries, trying to get to support on my game but it is caught in an endless loop of start a new conversation each time i press it @JB.Scopely


Hey Clem,

I just had another report of it just earlier. I will surface this with our tech staff to make sure everything runs smooth.

Can you please remind me your Player Name, Faction Name and Region, for identification’s sake?

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Clemydia Deuce
Cyber Athlete League
Bleckley EN

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I was doing the last stage of road rage and my maim attacks were no longer maiming and the characters were healing past maim. These ones are bugged up like crazy

I can’t complete the last stage of cruisin. At the point where it says victory the game resets. This happens every time and that means no key for me.

I pounded on the last team for 20 mins and got them down to 2 toons left and the game reset. It took my batteries but reset the stage

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seriously, ive re-done the stage and its super easier now, toons have less than half the stats than they did originally, wonder if we get the batteries back

This also happened to me, have contacted both JB and support but I’m not expecting to get batteries returned :confused:

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