Bug / Problem with Tapjoy


Something is happening with my Tapjoy account, I do not know if it is a Scopely or Tapjoy problem but I can no longer watch videos or complete offers, all the offers I make are not completed, simple offers like “install and open the game” never it works.

As you can see above in the pictures, these are offers I made recently, they were removed from the list of offers as if they were completed but never received the coins, I could have contacted tapjoy about these offers but that is not the only problem.

The videos are also defective, we can usually watch 30 videos a day, but there are months that when I try to watch videos always says “there is no offer available”, sometimes I can watch 2 and the message appears, I try again and I can watch the third, then try again and again the message appears “no offers”. And when we watch videos they also appear in the app Tapjoy along with the other offers saying that it was completed, and they did not even appear you watching and won the coin.

I’m not the only one in my faction as well and also have members who watch your videos normally, I’ve been months like this and can not stand it anymore. I’m bloq or something? Because this is not normal and I have been like this since November.

So here I am wondering how to resolve this because it is only possible to open complaint with Tapjoy when an offer specifies in the Tapjoy app went wrong, but my problem is more than a specific offer and I do not know how or where to settle this.

So please help me Scopely !!!


Having similar issues. For more than 2 months I wasn’t getting any videos, now I can watch 5 a day, maybe 6 if I’m lucky.


Try using a new phone it might help


I’ve tried it, even on a PC, Phone, Tablet, it always happens the same, already tried to watch videos in a new account and I was able to watch the 30 videos.

So I think I’m bloq or something.


I kept bugging them about offers I done like 5k altogether they never replied so I gave them a price of my mind,damn so much time wasted to get nothing it what I felt, wish they put out on coins :frowning: now I’m banned can still watch a few videos now and then but its not enough


I’m having issues with tapjoy also. I’v tried on both my phone and tablet non of the offers are giving me coins once completed. Even the videos for 1 coin each aren’t giving rewards. Iv messaged them multiple times and haven’t had a answer off them after sending the evidence that I have completed the offer


I think tapjoy is having issues keeping up, a lot of people are owed a lot, heck they haven’t even been sending reply emails lately n it’s supposed to be automatic


Ever work this out? I can watch videos but cant complete any offers (even the simple “download and run this app” offers immediately fail).


Tap joy screwed me too and did nothing about it. Why is scooply letting them do this ?


Because it’s easier to say “write with the support of tapjoy” instead of helping the customers.


Everyone make sure to report your problems to the better business bureau for both tap joy and scooply maybe that will make them solve the problems.