Bug or Scopely way to make use more jugs in war

If you hit tower that enemy hold, you need one energy to hit there, if you win, nut your camp is destroyed meanwhile you cant add def in, need to left tower empty, go to start repairing your camp, and then back to tower and use one more energy to but defends on it…
i know we cant add defends if not repairing while we are destroyed, but if we were alive and used one energy we should be enabled to fill tower too with that energy, no matter if dead or not


Pulling in @Agrajag for visibility!

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Agreed, if you take over the tower you should be able to apply defense whether your camp is destroyed or not.

I am not sure why they made the change that you can’t apply defense when your camp is destroyed in the first place.

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To make us spend more energy silly. Then nerfed can drop rates to encourage cash spending… it’s how for profit works…

@kalishane @Agrajag still same problem exist… any info is it going to be fixed?

Lack of response makes me think “Its working as intended”.


@kalishane @Agrajag can you please give some info?? that “feature” is f* annoying! fix you s*

That’s always been the design. Can’t apply a defense team to a tower while your camp is destroyed, even if it was destroyed while you were in combat to capture the Stronghold. I remember testing that when wars were initially implemented.

Hm are you supposed to be able to add a defense when slow repairing? Just curious

Problem: For the longest time that used to not be the case. A slow repair/dead camp could stack a tower with their primary defense team and go to using a scrub team while slow walking the rebuild.

Not saying I don’t agree with the mechanic how it is, but the change threw a lot of ua used to the old way for a loop.


earlier you could add defence even if destroyed, after new war desing it changed, only can add def if repairing on… but if you use energy to clear tower, get killed, therei no way you can start repairing, so you just need drop adding def, start repair and use another energy! thats bs! nice to see that even scopelys specialst dont know how game have worked earlyer…

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Well it’s possible I was recalling the time when the war feature was first updated, but to my recollection it was something that has always been the case. I’ll confirm with design what the expected functionality is around that.

if you all ready use energy to clean tower from enemy, and no chance to start repair after win if killed during battle (was alive when started hit) would common sens should say you can do whole maneuvers what its need and meant to do after that until fight and apply defense is totally over? if not then why even bother us to get points from that fight if we are already dead meanwhile… what do dead do any points…
cant believe would be so hard to change code so that if that fight sequence already started when alive you can add def then.
i get to prohibit add def if not even repairing, but after all why can even then add… still dead… no wounded solder in hospitals fight either in any defense part etc… scopely logic been always quite bs…

Well one reason for such a design is that it promotes trying to take out opposing camps before they get a chance to apply defense teams to Strongholds.

That being said, I’ve spoken with design about both these things and they do feel it’s too taxing to not be able to apply a defense team when capturing a Stronghold if the user’s camp is destroyed in the mean time, so an issue was logged for that which should be addressed in a future update. As for being able to assign a team while the camp is being repaired, they’re fine with that.


Good to know. Promoting players to slow repair is fine by me. Quite like the extra points.

Agree with the allowing a team to be added even if they were destroyed while grabbing a tower.

good to hear that even its gone almost 3 moths case finally is going to drawing board :slight_smile: thx for that @CombatMan :+1: