Bug or scam ? What do you think

Well i bought green tokens for 5,49€, i havent recieved tokens but my money are gone tho.

Same thing happened to me. Hopefully it’s just a bug but it’s really annoying. Google confirmed the money was taken but there’s no sign of any tokens or trainers.

Been half an hour now. I want my disappointing haul of trainers and dupes!

same here iTunes confimed i have paid. first i tought i had wrong credit card informations so i changed it, and tried it again but then the same problem happened again and also right now same offer jumped on me again so i hope scopely will fix this asap i want my trainers and maybe some 5*.

Gotta be some kind of bug. I bought $20 of coin a few hours ago but I didn’t receive it tho apple has charged me for them.

Same happened to me, money taken from me but there is no coins-.- i hope it will fixed

I purchased and received mine

You guys got hosed i guess :frowning:

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