Bug or intentional



For starters I am a developer, 22 of us, across 4 servers and 20 factions finished running a test over the last couple of months. In 5120 fights during war, it was discovered that opponents with higher prestige, will have a significantly higher success rate in weapon and character impairs and stuns both in offense and defense. Higher prestige players/teams (higher than their opponents) are 82% more likely to have a successful impair or stun on each attack or defense, than players/teams (they are facing) with lower prestige. Considering the sample pool size, the possibility of this being coincidental is .00038% . This is either the result of a glitch, or is written in the algorithm. If this is a glitch could you please fix it. If this is written in the programing, could you please explain the mathematics of the algorithm so we can prepare our offenses and defenses accordingly. Thank you.


Could it have anything to do with the fact that they likely have more resources to attempt those upgrades and spend more time in the game than lower prestige people?


I think what he means is that of people that have those weapon mods, they trigger more often for higher prestige people, which if true is stupid, basic game mechanics should function the same way for everyone regardless of how much they have paid.


I get what he’s saying, but I (personally) don’t feel his research has much merit. Just because a player has a better weapon doesn’t mean it was a 1 attempt success. Maybe that dude has tried 20 times for a stun gun and on the 20th he got it. Maybe some of them coins that grew his prestige we’re used to speed up crafting.


See I think you are still confused, what I think he is saying, and I could be wrong is that during combat, the odds of the effect going off are higher for higher prestige people, nothing to do with how many of those mods they have. That’s not to say that his methodology could be wrong, and you bring up a good point about how people with higher prestige probably have more weapons with those mods then others, but that just seems obvious.


@Lewin, I think you’re getting what he’s saying. He’s not talking Armory at all, strictly combat and the odds of the special stat triggering.


So basically, a secret trigger to allow better % to higher prestige?


According to his research, yes.


Its an interesting concept but from my experience it doesn’t matter the prestige they either trigger multiple times in a round or not at all,


Yeah, that seems to happen a lot to me as well. Either 4/5 will get stunned, or 1/5. Never 2 or 3.

Same with Walker headshots. They come rapid fire, or with multiple fails in-between.


You are correct about the headshots, we ran that test awhile ago.

As for 4/5 or 1/2, we didn’t notice a lot of that, although, we also didn’t track it. All we were concerned about was equal weapons roughly, as we couldn’t always match up the same 3 stuns 2 impairs, we usually faced a combination of 5. However our 5 weapons, more than once, encounter 4 or even 3 stun/impairs instead of 5 from the defending player, and we saw the same discrepancy. It was most evident when we were the higher prestige, and easily stunned or impaired the same relative lineups.


interesting theory and will not suprise me if it is intentional.


Id love to test this theory, but… Earl.